About Us

In the name of Bmotors, Biveira Groups brings you a complete premium automobile detailing service, where we only use world class products and machineries with well trained professionals to detail your vehicle to an extreme perfection and quality. Since we are using the finest quality products and services , we can guarantee that our customers will never ever regret for approaching us. Moreover you will fall in love with our service and perfection.

Our service includes,

  • Car wash by Bwash, the perfect place to wash your vehicle. We use the perfect techniques and tactics to wash your vehicle, which will clear all dirt’s from all nook and corner without damaging the vehicle.
  • Paint protecting Ceramic coating by Kubebond, KubeBond – Nano Ceramic Coating is a line of products from CHOOSE NanoTech. Born in semi-conductor, designed for professional auto detailing.


KubeBond has been tested and certified by “SGS”,“REACH”,“IMO” and “ISO” the world’s leading, inspection, verification, testing and certification company. This is to assure our client’s that we invest a lot in our products and continue to improve it to ensure that they get the very best results.


Unlike the older generation of paint protections like wax and sealants offered by other car dealerships or paint protection companies, the KubeBond Diamond 9H forms a permanent bond with the coating of your paint work which can only be removed by machine polishing. This makes it extremely durable and reduces the need for constant reapplication.


Not only is KubeBond the best choice of paint protection for your paintwork. It is also suitable for fabric and leather interiors. Using the same molecular compound, KubeBond is able to keep the interior of your car free from any stains and dirt


Over the past few years, we have expanded the sales territory in the world, selling products to over 83 countries and have over 30 agents around the world!

KubeBond Bmotors